How To Earn Music Discovery Experience Loyalty Points
To earn Music Discovery Experience Loyalty Points, you must first register. See Sign Up to the left.

It's easy to earn loyalty points that you can spend on rewards.

  • Purchase anything from our MDN Store. You earn points for ever purchase.

  • Watch your email box. When you register (see Sign Up to the left) you will receive our free Creative Centers
    News and Offers that includes offers to help you earn points. It may be a contest, a questionaire, or some other
    method, like participating in one of our Fans and Friends or Facebook activities. The more you participate, the
    more loyalty points you earn and the more rewards you can buy.

How To Spend Your Music Discovery Experience Loyalty Points
Spend your Points in the MDN Store

You may spend your loyaty points any time you wish. You may save them up to purchase a more substantial
reward or spend them on more frequent smaller rewards. You may purchase any item from the
MDN Store including
any special rewards items we may offer.

Your loyalty points are available for you to spend upon check out of the
MDN Store. You then decide if you want to spend
your loyalty points or save them. You may purchase the
MDN Store items with any combination of points and money.
You may not use your points to pay for tax or shipping.

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